Thursday, 1 April 2010

Family 'the key to Megrahi's survival'

Dr Swire's a very wise man, I think. Unable to reconcile al-Megrahi's conviction with the inconsistencies he perceived in the case, he chose to assume Megrahi's innocence. Besides which, hating Megrahi won't bring his daughter back:

Family 'the key to Megrahi's survival'

I'm reminded of the reaction of the FBI Director, when Megrahi was released. Between him and Dr Swire, I know who I believe to be the better human being. Anyway, Mr FBI Director, now you know how I feel about Pinochet's release. As I wrote at the time: you can't have it both ways.


Charles said...

A very good comment. I know Jim well, and he is a humane, deep thinking and very civilized man.

He is often traduced by people who are not fit to lick his boots.

Radagast said...

Charles: I can't remember where I read about them, but there's a people somewhere in Africa who still dispense tribal justice, in the stead of the state alternative. In the case of murder, the convicted person is bound hand and foot and rowed out to the middle of a river, with the family of the victim in an accompanying boat. The murderer is then thrown overboard.

The family of the victim then has a choice: rescue the murderer, and repair their grief; or exact retribution by letting him/her drown, but be empty for the rest of their lives.

I think they know more about psychology than we do, frankly.