Saturday, 20 March 2010

Pope tries to stem tide of sex abuse allegations

This tickled me, once I'd got over that sense of sad inevitability that seems to accompany me whenever I read of a massive institution, which has lost control of one of its secrets, and is trying to claw the position back...

Pope tries to stem tide of sex abuse allegations

"The Italian daily Corriere della Sera quoted Vatican officials as saying the letter, to be read at Sunday Mass, "will contain not only religious considerations" but also "precise practical indications" on how the officials will "detect and cure this sore, removing it from the Church"."

The problem, then, as quoted by the CdS, is not with the systematic suppression of evidence and the silencing of those abused, but with the abusers, as though it has come as a revelation to the Church's hierarchy that the widespread rape of children has been carried on by its own people. For decades (or more).

Wake up, motherfuckers: it's the cover-up that's going to haunt you to your miserable graves. Because you know what? You've got hundreds, if not thousands, of victims who are going to pursue you for the rest of your naturals. I'd face the fucking music, now, if I were you - the anticipation's always worse than the reality, after all. Put another way: there's nothing to fear, but fear itself.

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