Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hopes for British 'victims' after Vioxx ruling

When I read this, I was reminded of a story I was told about an Irish entertainer, named Henry Kelly, who had been booked to do some after dinner speaking. As the story was told to me, he launched into some tedious monologue and after ten minutes, or so, the audience's attention had begun to wane. Fifteen minutes in, and there were evident signs of loss of interest. And after twenty minutes, the audience was openly holding conversations amongst themselves.

Kelly came to an abrupt halt, appalled by this rudeness... "Fuck the lotta yer; fuck the lotta yer," he railed "I bin paid, I got the fuckin' money, so fuck the lotta yer." And with that, he was gone.

And so it is with Merck, by the look of things. Although, obviously, it would take a criminal conviction for it to be true that Merck's conduct is fraudulent, although there seems to be little question that they have pocketed the cash, and provided less than satisfactory consideration, in return, much like Kelly (Kelly, of course, may not have been contracted to be interesting, and even if he had been, unless he knew that he was incapable of being interesting, his conduct wouldn't be fraudulent!). But in the meantime, it's just my opinion that Merck is just another bunch of sleazy, little fraudsters, with no ideas of their own. From another perspective, Merck is an honourable company, run by "winers".

Hopes for British 'victims' after Vioxx ruling


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Anonymous: If it weren't bad enough that you find yourself having to comment anonymously, you compound this by attempting to communicate with words that don't exist in the english language (not in any dictionary I own, anyway). You really need to understand that attempting to communicate in secret code, with oblique language, isn't the most effective methodology.

Now, go and get yourself a blog, and start putting your ideas there. Because, quite frankly, I've lost interest.

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Anonymous: And now you're doing it deliberately, which tells me only one thing: you're deliberately refusing to communicate, and you're in direct transgression of the two rules that are stated for compliance on this blog.

This is my world, Anonymous, not yours. You will comply with the rules that I have put in place, simple as they are. If you decide that you are above them, you will trigger my defence mechanism, and your fragile hold on reality and what amounts to appropriate conduct will disintegrate.

I cannot help you. Go away, because constant contradiction will only damage you, as I bounce it back at you - and, yes, I understand only too well the psychological damage that it can do, so desist. Now. You've had all the warnings you're going to get.

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