Monday, 15 February 2010

Legal gloves come off in row over 'torture'

"Calumny and slur"? Right, so if we start using language more commonly associated with 19th Century literature, this will make us sound more authoratative? And will, with a bit of luck, deflect from the possibility that we were either naive, or turned a blind eye? Because the UK "intelligence" services are the very paragons of moral rectitude, unlike their scum-sucking American cousins, and could never involve themselves in activities forbidden by law (unless they thought that they could get away with it, in which case any level of depravity is acceptable).

Legal gloves come off in row over 'torture'

And Howells is then reported to "take a pop" at the Master of the Rolls. Perhaps it's worth pointing out that the incumbent of this ancient office is the second most senior judge in the UK, after the Lord Chief Justice. Howells is obviously very wise, and understands the considerations and arguments, legal and rhetorical, which senior judges consider when making a judgment. Whereas Lord Neuberger is merely the second most senior judge in the UK.

Howells then appears to evidence his belief of MI5's innocence by citing a conversation he had with, erm, the boss of MI5. Beautiful - "taken on trust"? Now where have we heard that, before? Naive? No, Dr Howells, you're just fucking stupid.


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