Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haiti in "Pact with Satan" Shocker!

The thing is, he's so earnest about it... He honestly believes that Haiti's misfortune is an act of reprisal, on the part of God! Look, Pat, just because you'd engage in petty revenge, in the event that somebody started getting too cosy with somebody you didn't like, it doesn't mean that any supreme being would. So don't go projecting your shit. OK? Because if God behaved like you, we'd be fucked, and He'd be the only one left on the planet. Him, His slaves and a big pile of money, that is.

Anyway, enjoy:


Ana said...

"something good will come of it..."

I'm not watching the news about Haiti.
I'm tired and exhausted of seeing these people effort NOT to AID...
These people are marketing catastrophes.
We have already witnessed this shit over and over.
I'm done with this circus and I refuse to watch the show.
I did watch part of the video.
Enough to... Yak!

Radagast said...

Funnily enough, this was the first I'd really heard about it. I don't tend to watch the news, nowadays - I can't influence what happens, so I don't see the point.

It does make me wonder, though... What kind of weirdass shit do some of these people believe, and what beliefs are they (in the style of your average human being), then trying to have others adopt? Brown, O'Bama, Merkel, Jintao and so on? Whatever it is, they're not willing to say it out loud!


Stephany said...

The guy is a religious freak in the USA, "700 club" prays on TV for $$$ and the guy is totally out there basing all evil as satanic infringement upon the world. The guy is dangerous for a simple reason, people watch TV, like Oprah, and other infamous TV reverends.

Radagast said...

LOL. So, if anything goes wrong, it's the Devil's fault? What century is that guy living in, I wonder? I suppose it's a convenient construction: something out of the ordinary happens, or something goes wrong, so it follows that somebody was at fault, and who better to blame than somebody who isn't there to rebut?!

I can just hear him...

Robertson: Aaaaarrghh... He makes fire come from his fingers...

Co-host: Erm, no Pat. He just struck a match.

Anyway, he's only dangerous for those who need ready explanations for stuff, themselves, but it looks like a case of the blind leading the blind.



This bone head was interviewed on the radio the other night - I kind of laughed at his stance on things.

I remember years ago, AC/DC released an album called 'Highway To Hell' - some religious nuts in America put word out that it was the work of the Devil and AC/DC stood for Anti Christ/ Devil's Child - they even gathered at the top of a hill to burn copies of the album.

Thing is... the track, Highway To Hell, is all about the band being on the road.

I have another story relating to perceptions about AC/DC but will post it at another time.

Bit pushed for time, on the account that I have to go and suck the blood from a couple of bats in my loft.

Ana said...

I did put the Doctor without Borders badge at my blogs but I still don't watch the news.
Blaming on the devil...
Fanatics are the others that don't trust in God and Satan.

Radagast said...

Ana: Trust Satan? To do what?