Sunday, 31 January 2010

BBC Radio 4 - File on 4

I hear that the Beeb is busy kicking AZ's arse over the allegations of side effects being downplayed, off-label marketing, etc:

BBC Radio 4 - File on 4: AstraZeneca/Seroquel

It's an old story, but nice to see that it's getting some mainstream coverage. At the end of the day, AZ will not be prosecuted, and it will not change its culture, such that this sort of thing doesn't happen, again - not that I'm suggesting for one moment that AZ is a bunch of sleazy, little fraudsters, or anything. So, that means that the only way to approach the problem appears to be to warn potential patients that AZ and its ilk may very well be completely untrustworthy, and to avoid its products.

Shit sticks, as they say.


Ana said...

IF there is no pressure from the public opinion, a strong "ENOUGH", they will not change.
We know how hard it is to unite people nowadays by experience.
Hard job.
Sometimes I feel like giving up.
Seriously. Each person has a way to achieve the same result...
Right wing is good in uniting.
Those who are against always fail to find ways to revolution - I believe that what we stand for can be called revolutionary since it goes against ... blah blah... -
That is another problem: we hear to much every idea.
They only have their goal and keep going...

Radagast said...

Well, as with the Holocaust thing, it isn't my problem, anymore. I know well enough what the position is, and I won't be wasting my energy fighting against it. I simply won't go anywhere near those snake oil remedies, again, and I won't be told that I can't say that they're shite!