Tuesday, 22 December 2009

NHS watchdog is winning the price war with drug companies

I dunno what to make of this, to be honest...

NHS watchdog is winning the price war with drug companies

I suppose in a world where it seems that everything has to have an ascertainable financial value in order to be worth anything, this is good news, certainly to the taxpayer. Pharmaceutical companies will have a tougher job arguing that NICE is in the business of denying patients much-needed, ground-breaking drugs, given that there is now precedent for deals to be done...

Still, cancer treatment isn't my bugbear. I'm reasonably satisfied that the truth about mental illness is already known, but far too profitable to do anything about. Worse still, it's possible that mental illness is used as a tool of control, as so much is. After all, it's easy enough to trigger a person, or fire them with mixed messages, until they no longer have any sense of reality. But why would a person wish to do such a thing?

And when one knows how easy it is to do this, and how damagingly difficult to undo, there is no longer any fun to be had from the exercize, because no matter how hard I try, I cannot convince myself that the lowest piece of shit on the face of the earth, including the anonymous trolls who come on here, from time-to-time, deserve to be treated like that. So I'll avoid humiliating them, and in return they will understand that it makes no sense to seek victories over me. Or I'll fucking lobotomize them, comment by comment.

And nobody will be able to prove a fucking thing, even though I've just said that that's what I'm going to do. Your call...


Ana said...

I just found this link at the page it is written:

There are 14 booklets and one of them is about psych-drugs. As they have it in Portuguese I ordered it. It's free.

I thought it was you who wrote the article.

Ana said...

Lobotomize them comment after comment!

I am a kind of mind-troll...
I used to do it at Second Life but I no longer go there too much.
I used to stay very calm and made some trolls and people who are not agreeing with me, thus stupid people, lol, suffer a lot.
I kept talking and talking and for each argument I had another one or a way out...
I guess I was good at it.
But not when dealing with psych-drugs harms.
Too serious to be calm and it's hard to repeat,repeat, repeat and repeat once again that "it causes X, Y, Z, A, D, F Y, P and the whole alphabet of side effects and with... blah blah blahllllll.....

"Dear Lord!
Pfizer or not Pfizer it does not work!
Go to hell you too."

Dunno too.

Ana said...

Hey! It's me, Ana.
I'm not a troll.

gongsg to prove I'm human...

Radagast said...

Well, the thing with trolls is this, to me: they have no honour. by that I mean that they do not identify themselves, such that one may know with whom one is dealing, and they never state what their problem is, other than pretending that the problem is one. They provide no return address, such that one may return the favour, and attack them in their space. In short, their thinking is confused, and unproductive.

A lot of people are intimidated by that stuff. I used to be, too. Until I realized that it's not me that they are attacking; it's somebody that they think looks a bit like me, or else somebody whom they have been taught that they should hate, in the same way that a racist is taught to hate.

The discussions are pointless - I'm not trying to sway them with the moral strength of my argument, but I will ensure that they don't go elsewhere, in order to harry others.

Anyway, I've been largely forbidden from having my own ideas, so I've been reduced to having other people's ideas, with my own slant added. As a consequence, I've learned a great deal about the way that others think, and probably a great deal about the way that I think, too. The mental landscape is a very real thing, to me, and the universe of ideas can be visually represented... It's not a mystery, to me. As such, I know that drugs could never cure mental illness; their only benefit is as placebos.


Herrad said...

Happy Christmas.

Ana said...

I never discuss with trolls.
I learned that at Orkut, a social networking, and commenting at blogs.
They just want to have fun.
I saw a "guide to turn a topic you created succeed" which has technical ways to make you say nonsense in a trustful way.
We have seen it a lot at FS.

Radagast said...

"I saw a "guide to turn a topic you created succeed""

LOL... WTF? One doesn't need a guide for that kind of stuff. All one needs to do is understand what subject matter attracts people's attention (which can be assessed by the sheer volume of comments), and then replicate it - if one desperately needs "successful" topics, that is!

Alternatively, one can just write about the stuff that interests one, and if it garners no interest, then one needs a different audience. If one cannot find an audience that's interested in what one has to say, then one must either accept that one's outlook is limited to oneself, or that others share it, but will not discuss it, for whatever reasons that they might have!