Thursday, 30 July 2009

Torture report a "security risk"

Time to LMFAO in that blackly cynical way, again:

Torture report a "security risk"

So, we have this senior judge, a Lord Justice of Appeal, who sees no threat in this document, but the American administration is getting all hot under the collar... Whereupon it becomes a political decision, not a legal one (groans), and a political decision to be made by Miliband, too. Should we read between the lines (ie, speculate)? Yes, fuck it, why not?

These few short paras reveal that torture techniques are widely practised in Guantanamo Bay, and any protests that the US administration might make as to the respect accorded to the Geneva Convention (which we know doesn't apply, because the detainees aren't covered by the Convention, because the US administration said so), amount to irrelevant twaddle, concocted by cowards and liars.

Hillary Clinton is a 97 year-old psychopath.

Now, for what it's worth, I wouldn't accede to the thinly-veiled threat made by Clinton and her "intelligence" officials for one very simple reason. If they find that that type of behaviour is successful, then they will resort to it, time and again, because they're too fucking lazy to find something more productive.

I imagine it was named the CIA as some kind of aspirational thing. You know, kind of like me setting myself the goal of thinking a billion times faster than anybody else, or something.

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