Sunday, 12 April 2009

No 10 aide fired over 'obscene' email smears

I've been laughing my little, white ass off about this. Not, I trust, consequent to an attack of schadenfreude, but simply because the whole thing is so utterly absurd that I don't know where to begin to deconstruct it!

No 10 aide fired over 'obscene' email smears

Let's see, we have this important guy, a senior aide to Texture, thinking that it's appropriate to start malicious rumours, presumably for the purpose of destabilizing the opposition. Now, this may be a pattern of behaviour that Mr McBride follows, routinely, or it may be that he has so little confidence in Labour's competence (or in the electorate's belief in Labour's competence), that he saw the only course as being to attempt to diminish the competition (the Conservatives), even though such a thing pained him greatly, from a moral standpoint. So much for that.

Brown then fires McBride, which he thinks demonstrates his wholehearted opposition to this kind of behaviour, presumably. It doesn't, because he had fuck all to say about Monty Burns et al's treatment of John Buse, which is very similar, to my mind. Probably worse, in fact.

Then, we have this Tory backbencher. Not satisfied with the fact that McBride's stories have been demonstrated to be false, and admitted to be false, nor with the fact that McBride has been dismissed, this, erm, lady, has decided that the only course is to defend her honour in the courts. The civil courts, it should be said, are there to right wrongs between individuals. It seems to me that this particular wrong has already been righted, and with a bit of luck, there being no cause of action, the case will be dismissed.

What a bunch of fuckwits. Small wonder that fuck all ever gets done, when the people who are supposedly the most mature, intelligent and best-suited to lead expend the greater part of their time and energy over this sort of trivia. Meanwhile, when somebody raises a real issue, they're quietly ignored. And then politicians wonder why they're not trusted.

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