Saturday, 11 April 2009

Genius: there's no other word for it - Part XXXXIV

There was a time, fifteen or twenty-odd years ago, when every other album I listened to was by Lloyd Cole, either with the Commotions, or solo. I think he may have been the first artist who I discovered for myself, rather than his music just being something that was generally approved of, within my peer group. Anyway, I went to see The Commotions at the NEC, in Birmingham, and they did a brilliant version of Speedboat. The sound reproduction isn't very good on this clip, but you get the idea, I think:

This is probably my favourite LC track. I think I'm going to teach myself the guitar line on this. If you're not aware, a Deux Chevaux is that Citroen, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a tortoise, and appears in every Jean-Luc Goddard film you never saw:

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Stephany said...

yay, more music videos!