Friday, 28 November 2008

My Tropical Fish Aquarium - Part XII

I decided to re-landscape my little 8g and find some more appropriate inhabitants for it. It looks like this, now.

I bought a little shoal of six male Endlers, and a little shoal of six pygmy corys, which were sold as Coryadoras Hastatus, but look more like Coryadoras Pygmaeus, to me. Anyway, Hastatus or Pygmaeus, neither corys nor Endlers grow beyond 1" as adults.

I haven't got a pic of the corys, yet, but here's a crappy one of one of my Endlers.


Ana said...

You're doing a great job. It's very hard to maintain an aquarium balanced.

susan said...

Beautiful.. I really look forward to your aquarium pieces.

Stephany said...

It looks great Matt!