Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sunrise over Cambridgeshire

My son threw the curtains in the study open at around 7.30, this morning, and look what was outside! The tree on the left is a poplar, I think, which stands on the village green, just outside the study window.



susan said...

Oh my! Gorgeous.

It's like your son opened the window on purpose for his pop to take a picture....

Matt, have you ever thought of being a photographer?

I think you have the touch.

Jeanne said...

What a beautiful picture -- I can almost smell the early morning damp -- thanks for sharing!

Radagast said...

susan: Well, kind of... I bought a nice SLR (LOL: does anybody still use celluloid, these days?), and tinkered around with it, but never really pursued it. I learnt how to frame a picture, and one or two other "tricks," but that was as far as I took it.

jeanne: You're welcome. And "backatcha," as they probably don't say very often, in your part of the world!


Stan said...

Dear Matt:

What a beautiful morning photo, though it appears that could ruin a good sleep in and a few extra ZZZZZZ's {Smirk}.
I have the whole SLR set up with all the lens and filters from the old days when I was into photography big time, but with the onset of digital Cameras and computer editing; not to mention the instant gratification. It's appears real film is soon to be another dinosaur from our past.

But that is just how it goes, new isn’t always better, but change is always changing.

Yours Truly,

PS Someone said they were having trouble opening my site? Opens fine for me! Could someone check it out and tell me if there’s a problem?

Stephany said...
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Ana said...

I love taking photos of sunrises.
There are two in my blog.
Beautiful one Matt.
I don't use digital camera.{smirk}

It's ok now!
I've already left a comment. I've tried for three days and my computer frozen. CIA was checking. No problems now. ~~

Stan said...

Dear Matt:

Not sure what to ask for this morning? More great fish tank pictures, more beautiful nature photos, or some meat on the bone topic matter related to all this Brew-Ha-Ha going on in the mental Health world. I guess you have to decide on that one. What ever it is, I know with you writing it; the subject matter will be interesting and thought prevoking.

Your Blog Friend:

Radagast said...

Stan: Some sage or other once said that if you ask a question, you already know the answer!

Ana: Yes, there's something dramatic about that time of day.