Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My Tropical Fish Aquarium - Part VI

My latest (and probably last, for a while), effort at planting. My Anubias v. barteri and Cyperus helferi are now out of their pots. I've gone for the jungle effect!

And here's my latest acquisition. It broke my heart to do it, but I had to accept that Tom and Thumb were just too big for my little 8g. I took them back to the store and got some Pandas, instead, which are about half the size, when adult.


susan said...

Matt, these pictures make me so happy.

I hope they are making you happy too.

Radagast said...

I've gotta say that I'm really pleased with the way things have turned out. It's funny: the pictures look great, but I know what's gone into those pictures, what with getting the water filter cycled and the water balanced. Then the stocking issues: picking the right fish, both to suit the tank, and each other.

I'm glad you like the pictures. Kinda gives me the impetus to maintain it properly, and maybe improve it, you know?


Tracy said...

Beautiful pictures. Love your aquarium. That's so sad to have to return pets. Blaaaaahh.