Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Integracion - Gerardo de Sousa

I bought this from Novica years ago, and I still like it. The light's crap on my landing: the blue represents the sea (I don't remember exactly where de Sousa was brought up; not in Rio, where he's based, but in a rural coastal region, where fishing is the main industry (hence the fishing hat, worn by the couple, and the sails of the fishing boats)), and should look a lot richer.


Tracy said...

Those are lovely. I really like them.

Radagast said...

They're great, aren't they? It's such a simple idea (although it's an amalgam of a bunch of ideas, combined with his experiences, in truth), but de Sousa thought of it, nobody else, and he's done it so beautifully. I'd like more of his work, to be honest.


Stan said...

Dear Matt:

Interesting and though provoking pieces of art hanging on your site, and quite a talented painter to boot. Not quite my cup of tea, but I can still appreciate the grandeur of the effort and talent behind them.

Hope all is well with you, I'm not sure if the conspiracy post is complete or we were supposed to fill in the blanks? {Eyes spinning and befuddled look comes across my face}.

Yours Truly,

Radagast said...

Stan: The nonentity who I spent the morning deleting on "My Aquarium IX/X" made some reference to me having stumbled across a secret society, or something. Arsehole. I wouldn't believe it if the cunt produced evidence, verified as authentic by the fucking Queen. So I agreed with the cunt.


Ana said...

Very beautiful!
I just want to remind that this site is a collection of artists who are representatives of those who are not, let's say "official Art" of the world.
I know you know but I had to say it because he's... Brazilian.
This kind of combination was created by many European artists from the last century.

Radagast said...

Ana: The subject matter has been used, before, or the idea of combining influences in this way?


eduardo said...

ola. Mat.. my name is eduardo Bragan├ža, and gerardo de Sousa is my ancle... but he died last year... but if you want more beautiful painture I have....