Friday, 26 September 2008

My Tropical Fish Aquarium - Part III

A small fanfare is in order

My camera works! But I need to find my tripod - because they're so small, and I have to be close, it took me ten really fuzzy attempts to get this picture of my neons.

By the way, that brown lump, nestled in to the left of the lilaeopsis brasiliensis, is one of my zebra snails.

LOL! It was so well-camouflaged that I didn't notice it, but in the bottom righthand corner, you can see my panda cory (a new acquisition - one of my juliis died, just as it was about to enter the "safe zone" of one month's residency).


Tracy said...

Awesome. Love the picture. Keep them coming if you can. Sorry to hear about your juliis.

The video is a great addition.

Ana said...

I've loved the photo!

susan said...

Fish! I love them! So shiny happy fishies!

I saw the panda cory!

Stephany said...
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