Wednesday, 30 July 2008

So long...

I'm going on holiday, shortly, so no Book of the Week. I may post, again, or I may not. To be honest, I think this blog has served it's therapeutic purpose.



Fiddy said...

Happy holidays Sir.

If you stop writing I will give you severe bitch slaps.

Your rants have had me punching the air in delight and biting the arm of my chair to hold back the laughter with your wit.

Don't give up mate. You are an inspiration and a good example of someone who won't/don't take shite.

I'm happy our paths have crossed Matt.

You are one hell of a tough cookie, I see you as a middle finger to Pharma and the regulator.

Top man.


Radagast said...

Thanks, mate. The thing is, I know how this game is played: I fire off a broadside that nobody can complain about legitimately, and nobody can possibly enter into a discussion over, because of the potential consequences, and when the dust has settled, nothing's changed, except that I'm better aware of the subject matter that I'm likely to get stonewalled over.

It's the pointless intransigence that gets me: something's obviously wrong, but presumably because it would impact on a bunch of intersts, nobody wants to do anything, thereby leaving those who are bearing the fallout from the fuck up still bearing the fallout. And those fallout bearers are the people least well-positioned to deal with it - they are the most vulnerable.

The moral of the tale? If one has shit to offload, offload it on the people least able to deal with it. What a shitty game.

Anyway, none of this repairs what's been done to me, so I shall look elsewhere, I think. When I reach my goal, I'll let you know, and you can come visit me, if you like.


Stephany said...
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