Friday, 11 July 2008

Book of the Week - The Picture of Dorian Gray

Most people don't have the luxury of a picture. Perhaps they should think about it...

He threw himself into a chair, and began to think. Suddenly there flashed across his mind what he had said in Basil Hallward's studio the day the picture had been finished. Yes, he remembered it perfectly. He had uttered a mad wish that he himself might remain young, and the face on the canvas bear the burden of his passion and his sins; that the painted image might be seared with the lines of suffering and thought, and that he might keep all the delicate bloom and loveliness of his then just conscious boyhood. Surely his wish had not been fulfilled. Such things were impossible. It seemed monstrous even to think of them. And, yet, there was the picture before him, with the touch of cruelty in the mouth.

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Radagast said...

Anonymous with an Ozzie accent: thank you - your assistance is most helpful. And thank you for the "in". Your use of personal insults is, however, tedious; as I imagine that you would be, should I ever have the redoubtable pleasure of meeting you, in person. Please call, again, and tell me something else about you. How's your mother, by the way? Does she still take it up the Gary Glitter?