Sunday, 30 March 2008

Intimidation: a standard tactic?

I couldn't help but have a chuckle to myself, this morning. I'm a longtime fan of Elvis Costello, and Watching the Detectives is a wonderful track, but given recent events, it was an uncannily timed post.

It seems that Bob Fiddaman has incurred the wrath of the Great, Powerful and Excellent GSK, and has, incidentally, injured the fragile sensibilities of Ali B, in the process. You should have a read, for yourself:

GSK Lawyers target Seroxat campaigner Bob Fiddaman

GSK's got form in the intimidation stakes, of course, as I pointed out to the Ministry of Truth, in a recent post. Anyway, I suppose I ought quickly to apologize to GSK and Ali B, et al, if I have inadvertently suggested that they are a bunch of lying, scheming scumbags, at any point, during the past year, on this blog. They are, of course, not lying, scheming scumbags, but fine upstanding members of the corporate community, with only the good of Mankind in their thoughts. I just wanted to make that absolutely clear.

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Aubrey Blumsohn said...

This is a disgrace.

After their abuse of science GSK moved to the abuse of individual scientists. Now, GSK apparently feels it can abuse and threaten individual patients instead of answering scientific and procedural questions.

Putting feathers on this particular pig via legal threats - is not going to make it a chicken.


Stephany said...
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