Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Lying through your teeth

Fidders has put together a video, which is very nicely done - lots of very useful information, with a musical accompaniment:


Radagast said...

Hmmm. Is that Alisdair (that's "D-A-I-R") Breckenridge (the MHRA's Chair), responding to a question by Shelley Jofre, concerning Seroxat safety in minors with

"...Absolutely. It could be [safe]. WE [my emphasis - fucking "WE"] haven't got a licence in children, yet"?

Or is it the fucking halfwit Ali B? Christ, that's the least of it. Just fuck off, you colony of fucking invertebrates.


Fiddy said...

It's Benbow. Notice the use of the word 'yet' - Suggests to me that they were applying for a license despite having evidence as way back as 1989 that the drug caused suicide in children!

Would Benbow give a child a gun for Christmas?


Radagast said...

I'm not sure, but if he was asked for his opinion, were somebody else to be considering giving a firearm to a child, he would probably say that guns have helped millions of people, worldwide!