Monday, 17 December 2007

Patient to challenge drug ruling

There's a human element to this story. As such, I don't feel completely comfortable drawing inferences from its (re)appearance on News24, tonight:

Patient to challenge drug ruling

In brief, the heads-up is that the NHS is obliging Mrs Otley, a former NHS nurse, to foot the bill for her entire treatment, should she choose to opt for Avastin, over her current medication. Mrs Otley has experienced a certain amount of success with the drug, manufactured by Sanofy-Synthelabo and Genentech, and wishes to continue with it.

I don't know, to be honest. I think the thing that got me going was the very deliberate way that the reporter had Mrs Otley name the drug for the cameras. That set the tone for the piece, for me, and ended up making it look like DTC advertizing, masquerading as a news item. If the Beeb feels like hauling a patient suffering from Seroxat withdrawal up in front of camera, in order to tell his/her story, I might feel inclined to review my opinion of its objectivity.


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