Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Anti-psychotic drug marketed improperly, AG lawsuit says

The second story concerns a civil action previously discussed on these pages, and brought by the Arkansas AG. Three companies are being pursued, but the Complaint that was filed deals with Janssen Pharmaceutica and its drug, Risperdal. The essence of the complaint is that the drug was marketed unlawfully (ie, promotion of off-label use), and that side effect data were suppressed:

Anti-psychotic drug marketed improperly, AG lawsuit says

Full details of the Complaint may be found at Furious Seasons - due deference to Phil Dawdy, for making this available:

McDaniel v Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc., and Others

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Stephany said...

Hi Matt,
I've found your blog via one of your comments at Furious Seasons. I'm curious if you had/have experience using psychiatric medications? I'm glad to see another proactive person writing letters, and demanding accountability from drug companies.

Radagast said...


Yes - fluoxetine, in generic form. Unfortunately, (for GSK, I suppose), I've no idea who made it, or else I'd be slating it, instead of the Bedford Massive!