Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Re: Matthew Holford - Final Report - Part II

Incidentally, should it ever come to pass that you are writhing on your dining room floor, in the midst of your latest anxiety attack, before feverishly pacing to and fro, trying to escape a predator that won't reveal itself, and then trying every source that one can find in order to establish what's happening to you, only to be informed by those who have any interest in engaging with you, obliquely or otherwise, that it is your problem, then you will have the right to call me vexatious.

Until that time, you would do better to keep your own counsel when it comes to throwing around that word. Do you understand?

Best regards

Matthew Holford


Anonymous said...

Your Fired, contract terminated...end of days feble human.

I shall be visiting your home to scramble your furniture around the place in a hissy-fit that will last for hours and hours!

Kind Regards

James Lewis

Radagast said...

I received a comment to the "Albourne Partners Limited" post, which was made anonymously, (although the person did claim to also have been fired by Albourne), and which I considered libellous towards the CEO, Simon Ruddick. As such, I declined to publish it. I make no comment as to whether I agreed with it, or not. Kindly read into that what you will.

However, I seem to recall that shortly before I left Albourne, there was a person by the name of James Lewis working there. He may have made the other post, too - I don't check webstats, so I'm unable to verify whether the ISP is the same for both comments. Anyway, quite what he's bleating on about, here, is anybody's guess. If he was there when I was fired, and he didn't step in, then my sympathy for his position is non-existent.