Monday, 17 September 2007


Welcome back, gentle reader (that's enough Aesop. Ed.). Today, we will be speculating on the extent of operation MKULTRA (that's the one that Eli provided the LSD for, if you remember). I'm delighted to have found a site that has a bunch of documents from this rather dubious episode in the ill-named CIA's murky history (most of the documentation was destroyed by the CIA in 1972, but that that remains is chilling enough, for my tastes):

I'm going to read this in more depth, because I find it an interesting insight into the absolutely staggering psychosis affecting those who would pretend to protect us. However, let me give you a little snippet from pages 020-21:

8. The next phase of the MKULTRA program involves physicians, toxicologists and other experts in mental, narcotics, and general hospitals and in prisons, who are provided with the products and findings of the basic research projects and proceed with intensive testing on human subjects. [my emphasis] These specialists are also recipients for testing purposes of the flow of new products from pharmaceutical laboratories. [my emphasis] Materials and procedures with intelligence potential [sic] may be identified through this relationship. The testing programs are conducted under accepted scientific procedures including the use of control populations, the employment of placebos, and the detailed observation, measurement, recording, analysis and publication [oh, yeah? Where?] of findings. Where health permits, test subjects are voluntary participants in the program... [my emphasis - what the fuck does that mean?]

...10. The final phase of testing of MKULTRA materials involves their application to unwitting subjects in normal life settings. It was noted earlier that the capabilities of MKULTRA substances to produce disabling or discrediting effects or to increase the effectiveness of interrogation of hostile subjects cannot be established solely through testing on volunteer populations... [my emphasis]

Just how far did this go, Mr Bush? And what could possibly have possessed your impossibly diseased minds to believe that this was OK?

Incidentally, I strongly recommend that the gentle reader should read on. The author has helpfully summarized the content of each page in the title of that page. Page 024 makes the mind boggle just to read that title, but the notion that "close working relations" are maintained with Plod the Fucking Sod, in order to suppress "compromising situations" just sends me completely fucking incandescent.

You bunch of fucking untrustworthy cunts.

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