Sunday, 26 August 2007

Abuse of Trust I - U of Iowa Pays $1 Million to Settle "Monster Experiment"

"Whatever the culpability borne by the academic researchers involved in this 1939 experiment, their colleagues in academia put their head in the sand, failed to recognize the immoral nature of the experiment, and thought only of career ramifications: "the other professors at the time told [Johnson] that it would ruin his reputation to publish the data."..."

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Something about this piece on the Alliance for Human Research Protection attracted my attention. So much so, that I 'mailed it to Alan Johnson. It's obviously a grotesque abuse of power, but something tells me that it's indicative of a certain mindset, rather than an isolated incident, limited to one rogue "scientist". Naturally, evil machines (I've had this accusation levelled at me, so I have no compunction in forwarding it), such as Dr Johnson, who appears to have been pursuing his research for his own, private purposes, perhaps even with a view to repairing himself, are few and far between. I don't doubt that the vast majority are geared towards the serving of the Greater Good, whatever that might be.


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