Monday, 27 August 2007

Abuse of Trust IV - Russia charges 3 doctors over Glaxo vaccine tests

""Many of the children sent for trials had been diagnosed with diseases. They (GSK) had no right to put children with health problems through these clinical tests. It can lead to a deterioration in the child's condition, which has happened in the case of some of these children.”

...A company spokeswoman said its own internal audit showed informed consent had been given by all parents and doctors involved in the trial.

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This is a relatively old story (5 or 6 months, or so, and there doesn't appear to be anything new on it, judging by my Google search). This was the case that I contacted the DoH (and the MHRA) about, and it is the case that the One of the Four contacted me about ("Delighted to engage GSK shareholders" (below)). I was told that the MHRA knew no more about it than what was avaialable in the press.

What a bunch of jobsworths!


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