Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Overdue update...

Well, quite a lot has happened, since I started this blog. I was having difficulty logging on, for some reason, and I lost interest, which explains the lengthy gap in between the first post and this one.

Anyway, I've been writing a couple of things for Bob Fiddaman's Seroxat Sufferers, which you may be interested in taking a read of:, and which will probably give you a fair understanding of what I've been up to. I quite enjoyed writing the Marty Keller series, even though it's old ground. I should mention that those mentioned in the various pieces were given advance warning of publication, and were invited to comment. Nobody did, not surprisingly.

I've also engaged in quite a lengthy exchange with the MHRA. I'll include my most recent exchange under a separate post, but the upshot is that my correspondence with them was truncated by some jobsworth by the name of Richard Goldfinch, who branded my queries as "vexatious". In reprise, I raised several complaints, which are supposedly being investigated by the MHRA, even as I write this.

Also, I've been spending a bit of time on the Uncommon Knowledge fora. I still haven't worked out why people perceive the need to take drugs for their problems, but there you go. Oh, this'll make you laugh, my ex-employer sent the police round to my house, alleging that I was harassing it (I'd copied it in on some emails to various MPs, including mine, where the subject matter touched upon its behaviour). I told the PC who attended that, amongst other things, Albourne Partners Limited, for such it is, had the most dubious attitude towards anti-money laundering legislation, and a peculiar approach towards employee relations, generally. We agreed that I would only pursue my allegations, if Albourne felt inclined to pursue its allegations against me. I await further intelligence with great eagerness!

Anyway, I'll post the latest from the MHRA, and I promise to keep things up-to-date, from now on.


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